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Well what do you know...   
12:58am 24/02/2005
mood: natsukashii
It seems I am using this thing after all. But how can I resist when I'm going to see Psycho in a week and a half? Yes, I'll be going to Anime Overdose in San Francisco, and I'll get to see them again. I was going to cosplay as Aya, but I decided that I would rather focus my attentions on the drawings I hope to give them, and I don't think that I have the time or the money to make the costume right now. But, I will definitely have it for next time they visit around here! I'll probably finish it for Halloween.
Oh, and the Sunday of the convention will be my birthday. What a fantastic present eh? And this time I swear I'll say something to them! When I had my picture taken at the party at PMX in May, I was too nervous to do anything other than bow at them. ^_^; But no more! I shall wow them with my elementary-slash-intermediate Japanese skills! I fervently hope I'll be one of the winners of the autograph raffle. And I hope that the boys will be wandering around as they seemed to be doing at Katsucon. It seemed like people were running into them all over the place!

*sigh* Sadly the experience will be over so quickly, but still I am immensely looking forward to it. I feel like I'll be seeing old friends again. *smile*
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Ano, koko desu....   
11:57am 20/02/2005
mood: blah
Heylo! If anyone comes here, well, for now I don't really have anything planned for my lj, I just joined so I could join the psycholecemu community. ^^; But, I may eventually use it for something, so yeah. Uh, thanks for visiting. ^^;